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Things break. It’s inevitable. Siding works loose, floor tiles break and bathroom fixtures get worn down over time. The worst thing to do when you see something around the house begin to fall apart or malfunction is to wait until the damage becomes worse. Many of the parts of your home that are in need of repair or replacement can be quickly rectified by one of our professional handymen.


If you see any signs of damage or disrepair in your home, Universal Guys can get it fixed. With a wide variety of services and a vast knowledge of interior and exterior construction techniques, we know how to handle your household repairs correctly. 

You may have worn out things in your home that need replacing, such as light bulbs or batteries, or have useful tools in need of restoration. We, here at Universal Guys, are more than equipped to assist you. If your faucet is leaky or your drain clogged, we will come with the tools needed to fix it and prevent further water damage to your home. If you have holes or cracks in your drywall or plaster, we will easily fill them in and polish them until it looks like there was never any damage, to begin with. 

Window Insulation
Handyman Tool Belt

Our home repair contractors can save you the time and money it would otherwise cost to find and install a replacement for your broken fixtures and household items. We believe in a convenient, one-call solution where one call can get one of our house repair contractors on the way to fixing whatever you need fixed.

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